Sunday, 30 January 2011

First and Lasting Impressions

First impressions? Fuck 'em. People should have about 12 at their disposal. Except the guy whose first impression was being walked in on fucking the family parrot. Condemn him, I say. But no, I say people should have more than one impression to make (but not like fucking God mode on that awesome PS1 Die Hard Trilogy), simply because, and contrary to popular belief, people do change. Not the fucking douchebags from school, they often stay the same, only differences being they aren't as douchey because it's hard to have so much energy at the age of 82.

People who genuinely intend to do good with their life, and do good by other people (this isn't the bible, don't close your tab yet), actually learn how to be a better person. Then you have the people more like me, where it takes an emotional kick to the godly belows to actually make that change. But it's change nonetheless.

So yeah, one fuck up in a five minute conversation with that girl with an awesome rack can be the difference between shoving your head in there and lying in bed by yourself, playing with yourself... You will probably never see her again, and when you do, she won't want to talk to you, because y'know, you accidentally told her you kidnap kids for a hobby.

And who knows? Maybe that could have been the start of something special (if A: she kidnapped kids, too. Or B: you didn't tell her you did). So a second chance seems like an awesome tool to have, no?

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