Sunday, 16 January 2011

A bit about me...

Hello, before we start, I'm just your everyday guy (no, this isn't the beginning to a Marvel movie) that likes to use the internet for all sorts of reasons: venting anger, social networking, entertainment, and porn. This is what I'll be using this blog for, to an extent (especially the porn).

Life started for me like most kids, by ruining my mother's vagina in the name of her "happiness". That backfired when I brought no happiness into her life, apart from that one time when I smashed my face off the floor because of a retarded bicycle.

Not quite like this.

Moving away from my mother's vagina and her happiness... Although there's probably a direct correlation between the two... That's not for me to find out. More about me then, let's get egotistical as fuck. I live in your standard neighbourhood in England, the stuff I see every day are just that: every day stuff. This won't be a blog about how I 360 degree slam dunked a pigeon through someones kitchen sink. Although that would be fucking awesome.

No. I work those 37.5 hours each week so I can buy shit I like and inebriate myself to the point of half conversations and extended periods of staring at a girl's breasts (while she's watching me do it, that's how I roll).

Oh, and I like to take the piss out of everything I don't like. Now add to that equation: the internet (the internet = anonymity, for those retarded), and you have yourself with a no limit scenario. Fuck that, there's a limit, and that limit is my street address being plastered over the net and my house becoming target practise for people with bricks. Lots of bricks.

Regardless... Religion is a big no for me.I'm not going to go too far into it, and I'm not bothered if people do believe in a guy who created us in his image (we're all cunts, let's put it that way), the only thing that bothers me about religion is that asshole who tries to convert people. Thoughts do not change overnight. It's that simple. So shut the fuck up.

Anyway, fuck this. I'm going to do exceedingly average on Black Ops.

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