Sunday, 22 May 2011

Changing the Tone

No, I'm not going to stop swearing on here. I like to and I will continue to do so when I feel the need is there. That said, I'm not going to churp in a swear word like those cutting edge humour enthusiasts who say "I am sick of people fucking swearing!", and they exaggerate the "fucking" part to demonstrate how awesome they are. Well done. You have somehow reduced my overall expectation of the human race that little bit more.

The point of this blog post is pretty simple, I'm going to slag off some football fans, mainly revolving around the news that Sunderland finished ahead of Newcastle on the closing day of the season. The reason being is that this has went against the overall internet concept that Newcastle will finish ahead of Sunderland, proving that the smaller (as in, surface area) club will forever be in Newcastle's shadow. It looked a dead cert, as well, as Sunderland needed a win away from home and Newcastle needed a win at home. Both games against similar skilled opposition. If you're familiar with football, then you'll realise away games can prove to be much more difficult than home games, and it doesn't matter how bad the other team are in reality.

We managed to prove that over the course of a season, we are better than them. I don't think anyone can deny this, if a team finishes ahead of you, they're better than you. I would happily admit this if Newcastle finished ahead of Sunderland, I really would. For 38 games in the season, one team grabbed more points. And Newcastle fans should know this, as they have finished ahead of us a few times in the last ten years. And have gladly pointed out how much better they are because of that fact. So why is it, when we do better than them, they have to shell out every bit of evidence to deny it?

Like seriously, in the past two hours, all I have heard is how much they've outdone us over the last decade, how they beat us 5-1 at their place, and how they beat teams like West Ham 5-0 and Aston Villa 6-0. When they outdo us after a seaon, they harp on about how then is the time that counts, that Premier League table. Yet when the Premier League table disagrees with their claims of superiority, it's all about what happened in the past.

Let's bring up the past then. Sunderland have had more top-flight trophies than Newcastle in our entire history. We beat them 9-1 at their ground at one point. We finished ahead of them two seasons in a row in 2000 and 2001. We finished ahead of them the last time they came into the Premier League. Even in the Championship (or old Division One) we have got more points than them. And I bet if a Newcastle fan is reading this now, the general consensus will be "but that happened in the past".

My response is "exactly."

So why the fuck bring up the past when we have one little victory? One little victory, let us have it. If we're "foreverinyourshadow" as Twitter would suggest (forgot the hash tag, oops!), then why can't we have this victory?

I'll be looking forward going into work, in Newcastle, and not having to listen to absolute patter. Although I still will, because even if I keep my mouth shut (which I did when they got relegated), I still get roped into a Sunderland vs Newcastle debate. The main reason I care about us finishing higher is because I've spent the year listening to how Newcastle are still a big club, and deserve to be in the Champions League, and will be challenging for top four status from next season and the rest.

So fuck off. This season we were the overall better team. If the league was based off of one result, we'd be 2nd. We beat Chelsea 3-0. But the league isn't decided that way. So fuck off some more.

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